Palm Sunday Prayer

This beautiful and powerful prayer was posted this morning by Bishop Bill McAlilly (UMC Tennessee and Memphis Conferences) on his blog “Greater Things Are Yet To Be Done”. We wanted to share.
Peace be with you. Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

Greater Things Are Yet To Be Done

1.jpgO God who has known the clamor of a thousand Palm Sundays and the disappointment of a million crucifixions, we bow in your presence as those who have both affirmed and denied you, and ask your forgiveness.  Give us your grace that we may learn to live in affirmation and not denial.

Let the Spirit that was in Christ Jesus our Lord be in us that we may say, Abba, Father and walk in your righteousness. Deliver us from false values, from selfish desire and the worship of things, that we may not waste our lives on goals and objects without eternal significance.  Guard us this week from betraying our Christ as Judas did, and for a few pieces of silver or a promotion at the office or a quick thrill or a cheap victory over an enemy. Lead us daily to the garden of prayer, that we may empty…

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