Maxie Dunnam on Adam Hamilton’s “Seeing Gray”

Rev. Maxie Dunnam’s thoughtful reply to Adam Hamilton’s “Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White”.

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Former Asbury Seminary President Maxie Dunnam is one of the great elder statesmen of United Methodism, widely respected even by many who don’t share his evangelical beliefs. In a recent Facebook post, he offered this commentary on renowned Kansas mega church pastor Adam Hamilton.


Adam Hamilton is all over the news. His recent participation in the Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral introduced him to many outside the United Methodist world, which has expanded his audience. That public exposure inspired reporters and others to read and comment on his book, SEEING GREY IN A WORLD OF BLACK AND WHITE.

Almost at every turn, people are asking me about Adam and particularly about his book. I want to respond to what I believe inspires these questions, so this is not a book report. You can read the book.

First, a personal…

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